Tempting His Mate

Tempting His Mate
Copyright © Savannah Stuart


On a rush, everything crashed back in on her. The sharp scent of the new shot of tequila sitting in front of her, the beat of the country music, the visual of various couples grinding against each other on the dance floor. Good Lord, it looked like a few were actually having sex. If not for their clothes in the way, they would be.

Tearing away from that sight, she took a deep breath and tried to make up her mind. Tonight, she could actually live a little and have fun, or go back to her hotel room alone. She was tired of going to bed alone though, tired of pleasuring herself and still being left wanting.

Under normal circumstances Ella let men approach her. She wasn’t going to proposition anyone. Okay, under normal circumstances she never even came to bars, much less hit on men. She was an absolute work-ahohlic. That was changing for tonight. It had to. She didn’t want to be this person she’d become. It was like in the past five years she’d forgotten how to have fun.

Swiveling in her chair, she turned and searched the mystery man out and met his stare dead on. When his eyes locked on hers, her entire body went taut in awareness, her nipples beading tightly against her bra-cups. It was almost painful.

She was wearing a simple black sweater, jeans and boots. Easy travel clothing and perfect for a country bar. But the way his gaze raked over her entire body in one lazy sweep, she might as well have been completely naked.

Oh yeah, she was going to walk right over there and introduce herself. As she started to slide off her barstool, a big meaty hand snagged around her waist and she found herself looking up-up-up at a giant of a shifter. Holy crap, the man was freaking huge. Bear shifter maybe. She couldn’t tell because she’d never met one, but he didn’t smell like a wolf or jaguar.

“Hey there, little darlin’ where you going?” He reeked of scotch and the overpowering scent made her want to puke.

“Get your hand off me, asshole.” She took a step back out of his reach but he advanced on her lightning fast and when his hand came in contact with her breast she lost it.

Normally she was in control of herself. More than most, in fact. Her pridemates liked to call her a control freak; cool, calm and collected. That was Ella Hayes.

But if this jackass thought he could paw all over her because she was small, he was about to get his ass kicked. Without thinking, she let the claws on both hands extend and she swiped at the forearm of his offending hand and clawed at his gut with the other. His shirt tore right before she made contact with his flesh.

He let out a roar of rage as he stumbled back and when he blindly swung at her, she ducked. At five feet flat, being small had its advantages. Adrenaline pumping, she was ready to slash out at his knees. She’d taken down shifters just as big as him before, but before she could jump back up, her hair whooshed back as a blur of black fur shot past with a low snarl and tackled the guy to the ground.

Back Cover:

She ran from him once…
Wild one night stands are not Ella Hayes’s style, but with her confidence at rock bottom after a devastating betrayal and her painful departure from her jaguar pride, who could blame her for falling into bed with a sexy wolf? She never thought she’d see him again. And never in her craziest dreams did she expect to come face-to-face with him on her first day with the Kincaid wolf pack. Sleeping with Asher had been one of the most intense experiences of her life—but now she wonders if they could have more.
He’s not letting her go again…
Tired of life as a lone wolf, shifter Asher has joined his cousin’s pack. The last person he expected to see was the sexy woman who ran out on him in the middle of the most incredible night of his life. The Ella he meets now is nothing like the wild, sensual woman he let his guard down with, but he likes both sides of the complicated female. But now somebody—or something—sinister is targeting Ella, and Asher moves quickly to get her under his roof and under his protection. Keeping the sexy female safe and proving they belong together are two missions he doesn’t plan to fail. Because this time, he’s playing for keeps.
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Meet Author Savannah Stuart:

Savannah Stuart is the pseudonym of New York Times and USA Todaybestselling author Katie Reus. Under this name she writes slightly hotter romance than her mainstream books. Her stories still have a touch of intrigue, suspense, or the paranormal and the one thing she always includes is a happy ending. She lives in the South with her very own real life hero. In addition to writing (and reading of course!) she loves traveling with her husband.
If you have any questions about her upcoming releases or her current books, please email her through her contact page.
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  1. Love this series and this book was fantastic. She writes such amazing characters and really sexy books.

  2. I love this series and I am looking forward to reading this one. Thanks for sharing it and the giveaway. Wishing everyone a wonderful and magical holiday season. evamillien at gmail dot com

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