For the love of paranormal…

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For the love of paranormal…

I used to think that anything paranormal existed only in one’s mind. Ghost? Ghouls? Vampires? Whatever! That is until I got my first apartment. I couldn’t wait to get settled into my new life, away from my sister and her attitude, out from under my parents’ roof, and far, far away from the dirt bag boyfriend who thought he could get away with cheating on me. Well no more! I got a steal on the price, moved in … and met a hot-as-sin-ghost. 

Hi, my name is Holly … and I now am a firm believer in the paranormal.

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Luke Braden was having the best sex of his life one moment, and the next he’s stuck in his apartment as a … ghost. No one to talk with, no one that can see him. That is until Holly stumbles into his life, or there lack of. Things are about to get way more interesting. 

Holly Andrews is excited to get her first place, to move beyond the walls of her parent’s house and set out on her own. Nothing can dampen the spirit though, like finding out the place is haunted. And if that isn’t bad enough, the hot and sexy ghost has one thing on his mind … seduction.

“Dead?” She giggled nervously. This guy was a whack job.
“I heard that,” he groused. Reading her thoughts was not going to be a good thing. Well, other than finding out she desired him, which brought a crooked grin to his face. For some reason, it pleased him that she found him attractive. “I assure you I’m quite serious.” 

He clasped his hands behind his back and paced, or rather floated across the carpet. “You’re no more surprised than I when I came into this state of being. One minute I was having the best sex of my life and the next I’m … dead.”

“You’re serious?”

Luke stopped  and looked at her deadpan, brooking no argument. “I think we’ve already established that.”

“And you think I can help you get to … the afterlife?”

He shrugged. “You’re the only person I’ve held a conversation with in six months. Not like I have a lot of options. I’ve watched potential tenants come and go as the landlord parades them through one by one. But no one seemed interested in renting the place because I died here. Until you, that is.”

“I don’t believe in ghosts.”

He looked at her queerly. 

“Didn’t,” she quickly amended. 

Holly shook her head, hands on hips, and looked to the floor. Too bad he hadn’t met her while he was alive. He would’ve enjoyed helping her out with that ‘lack of a sex life’ part. Ebony hair curled about her heart-shaped face, making him wish he could run his fingers through its shoulder-length mass. He bet it was as silky soft as it appeared.

She looked back at him, her blue eyes like the Caribbean ocean. “I think I might be the one who’s quacked. I can’t believe I’m standing here having a conversation with someone who believes he’s dead.”

“I am dead.” Luke stepped closer. She still didn’t believe him. Unbelievable. “Touch me.”

Her eyes rounded. “No.”

“Afraid, Holly?” 

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