Paranormal Creatures Living Among Us


What would the reaction be if paranormal creatures revealed themselves to the world? It’s an interesting question. If you watch TrueBlood or read the Sookie Stackhouse books, some people are against vampires and other creatures. Some humans embrace the idea we are not alone. I agree with this way of thinking because I think there will always be religious followers that strongly disagree in the existence of anything non human. And there will be a population that is open minded and willing to work with another species. So I stuck to this logic but created a special event, a day the paranormal creatures would celebrate forever because they were proud to come out of hiding. The day is called P-Day, Paranormal Day.

When is P-Day? It’s Sept. 9, 2009 and all paranormal creatures celebrate on September 9th. Why that date? Well, I was thinking if some religious fanatic wanted to go crazy, they could say 9/9/9 upside down is 666, which is an evil sign. It’s an idea I can work on in future books.

What happened 9/9/9? Supernatural creatures revealed themselves to the world because they were tired of hiding and lying. They want to fit in with the rest of society. They already do in a sense, but they’ve had to hide what they really are. On 9/9/9, paranormal creatures stood in front of humans and the media to show off their true selves. Werewolves and shape shifters changed. Vampires showed some fangs. Witches and warlocks casted spells. Pixies flew on television. A respectable and civilized population attempted to prove to the world that humans were just one species living on Earth.
And the response? Hollywood made people and acts appear real. It was special effects. Fangs? Fake teeth like the kind you can buy for Halloween. Those who didn’t want to believe found an excuse, any excuse, to argue paranormal creatures were fake.

But the truth is we are not alone. Many civilized humans realized this and they had to change their way of thinking to accept these other creatures. For example, how do you police supernatural creatures? They (supernaturals) want to fit into society, but there is always a few bad apples. How do you protect the good from the bad?
Well we, humans, have to accept and work with supernaturals. Governments have to think of ways to police, detain, and punish those that are criminals. After all, you don’t want supernaturals to get a bad reputation. So, I created the town and an organization called Nightwatch. Detectives work with paranormal creatures to ensure peace for everyone. The majority of paranormals are good and just want to be normal, live their lives free and without hiding the truth. But for the ones that cause problems, they will be caught and punished, much like humans are.

This is how I envisioned a world where humans are not alone. It’s everyday life as we know it, only my neighbor might be a supernatural creature. Hey, that may not be so bad after all. I wouldn’t treat them different. Would you?

Sparks fly under the full moon in paranormal suburbia.

Vampire Alexandria Cartwright believes she’s found the perfect home in paranormal suburbia. An independent young woman and professional financial adviser, Alexi needs help from no man, human or paranormal. Until burglars break into her house and steal her most valuable possession–one which could lead to her demise.

Werewolf Gregory Holmes is instantly attracted to his new neighbor and wants nothing more than to protect her from any who would seek to harm her. Helping Alexi recover her stolen safe seems to be the perfect opportunity to show her how he feels.

Centuries of experience have shown Alexi all men are greedy pigs who only think with the brain below their belt. But as Greg comes to her aid repeatedly, she wonders if he’s the real deal. Can she overcome her loathing for men? Can Greg break through the wall she’s built to show her the meaning of love?

CONTENT WARNING: Language. Violence. Graphic sex
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