Lucy Kissed A Frog…

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In my story, Lucy Kissed A Frog And She Liked It!, My biologist heroine is so thrilled to have found a new species of frog that she kisses him, only to get quite a surprise when he transforms into a super sexy, 1000-year-old bad boy prince!

While writing the story, I often thought about how much pain Wolfe had gone through in living so many years in amphibian form, but then again, just think of how much history he witnessed!

In his own era, in what is now modern-day Wales, he’d have fought Vikings, but here’s how major inventions played out around the world while Wolfe was hopping about his castle pond:

9th Century
Gunpowder and Playing Cards in China
10th Century
Fire Lance and Fireworks in China
11th Century
Moveable Type in China

12th Century
Mariner’s Compass in China
13th Century
Land Mines, Dominoes and Bombs in China.  Eyeglasses in Italy.
14th Century
Naval Mines in China
15th Century
Printing Press in Germany. Parachute in Italy.
16th Century
Floating Dock in Venice, Italy
17th Century
Newspaper in Germany
18th Century
Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the alcohol thermometer. Anders Celsius developed the Centigrade temperature scale. Steam engine water pump. Blood pressure is taken.
19th Century
Arc Lamp, Morphine, Steam Locomotive, Pattern-Tracing Lathe, Telephone, Phonograph, Rebreather, Light Bulb, Wind Turbines.
20th Century
Fixed wing aircraft, Battle Tank, Penicillin, Transistor, Nuclear Power, IBM invented the first PC, Video Games, CD-ROM, World Wide Web, DVDs.
(Timeline courtesy of:

Whew . . . No wonder Wolfe sometimes gets cranky while adjusting to his new world! 

Curious to learn more about how Lucy meets her frog prince? Here’s an excerpt from Lucy kissed a frog and she liked it!:   

Somehow, someway, at a time when she’d least expected it, Lucy Gordon had come across the new species of frog that she’d spent nearly a decade searching for and she’d done it in the most serendipitous way.

Tears springing to her eyes, she took another peek, this time brushing her thumb along the creature’s blazing purple and black ventral. But wait, were the black spots shaped like diamonds? Purple and black diamonds! Who’d ever heard of a diamond-bellied frog?

And his eyes—those beautiful dark-lashed eyes. Frogs didn’t have eyelashes—at least none she’d ever seen. Which meant he—he was a he, wasn’t he?

She flipped him over. Judging by his scarlet red nuptial pads—yes.

Which meant he was her very own discovery.

Every glorious centimeter of him, from the tip of his black head to his green-spotted back to the tippy toes of his little webbed black feet.

“You’re beautiful,” she said in a hushed voice, not caring that the mist had turned into a soaking rain. She didn’t know how or even why, but finally, finally, her every dream had come true.
Heart still pounding, cheeks streaming with cold rain intermingled with warm tears, Lucy held the frog to her mouth and kissed him square on his lips.


She fell to the mucky dirt lane, pinned beneath the weight of well over two hundred pounds of manly muscle—naked manly muscle.

“Jesu,” the man with inky-dark eyes said in a thick Welsh brogue. “That was a damned intolerable nightmare I am gladly rid of.”

Though I’m a HUGE fan of all things paranormal, maybe because I grew up in the seventies, watching shows like I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched, I’ve always enjoyed the funnier side of the paranormal realm, as well as a sexy pair of fangs!! LOL!!

When developing my Frog Kingdom series, I wanted to capture the zany flavor of those groundbreaking paranormal TV shows, while adding the heartfelt emotion that I often felt Jeannie & Tony, and Samantha & Darrin must’ve experienced, but never been allowed to show.
In a sense, as wonderful as these shows were, in retrospect, they were a smidge two-dimensional in that both couples must’ve gone through a tremendous amount of angst in learning to deal with the magical elements of their lives. 

For our entertainment pleasure, all of that pain was glossed over and neatly packaged into 26 minute-episodes.  But what happened to these couples when the cameras were off? 
 Considering the amount of onscreen bickering, I would guess there’d be some offscreen, as well.  But also, tender moments that we got peeks of, but never fully realized.  Can you even imagine the bedroom “tricks” these ladies must’ve had?! LOL!!

While my Prince Wolfe has no magical powers, being 1000 years old but not looking a day over 32 does have its advantages! Too bad for Lucy, Wolfe’s charm and bedroom prowess far outweighs anything she’s ever experienced, making her dilemma over whether or not to transform him back into a frog that much more difficult! 

Want a taste of the sexy dilemma Lucy faces? Here’s an excerpt:

Heart pounding, Lucy licked her lips before easing her trembling hand toward the prince’s forehead. A lock of his hair had spilled over his right eye and she wanted it gone. She wanted to see all of him. Feel all of him.

Know him as only a lover would.


Oh, yes…

Slowly, slowly, almost there, she crept her hand still closer, fearing her heart’s hammer would surely alert him to her presence. But on he slept, his chest rising and falling, rising and falling, and she was almost there. Close enough for his radiant heat to vibrate and hum beneath her sweating palm. Almost there, close enough for her conscience to cry, turn back now, while her heart cried equally loud to forge full speed ahead.

Following her heart, she slipped one yearning, burning fingertip beneath his dark hair, then—
“Arrrrrgh!” the prince yelled, fierce as any battle cry. “Ye’ll not be killin’ me tonight!” Merciless hands gripping her waist in one incredibly strong, fluid motion, he vaulted her over the side of the tub, landing her with a great splash—and even greater scream—atop him.

I will be giving away a frog-themed *charm bracelet and one of my Navy SEAL HQNs to one lucky person leaving a comment or email entry. 

Also, I’m hosting a contest to win Prince Wolfe’s Frog Queen crown!!

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