Basking In My Nerdom

My husband and I bought a Netflix-ready blu-ray DVD player. Oh, we’d had one of the first blu-ray players but it really wasn’t all that good. And we got fed up with it when we couldn’t get it to work one night. So it has since been banished from the house and replaced by the new one. 

Anyhoo… there are all kinds of apps on the new one. Everything from Netflix to Hulu to Amazon to Pandora. It’s a virtual cornucopia of entertainment. In addition to our U-Verse and our DVR and our extensive DVD collection…we have more entertainment that you can shake a stick at. HOW could we possibly EVER get bored? 🙂

Here’s my favorite thing about having this Netflix ready device—I can watch Star Trek any time I want.

Hence the nerdom.

And much to my hubby’s dismay. Don’t get me wrong, he likes the show but he’s not a Trekkie by any stretch of the imagination. Me? I grew up on the thing. I fell in love with the original show when I was kid and it was in syndication. And then when the new series launched in 1987, I was all over it. I went to the Star Trek conventions and got autographs from the original stars in my Star Trek Compendium. Which I still have to this day, mind you. I saw Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes in real life. I dragged my friends to these conventions or anyone who’d go with me. It was so much fun.

I watched a few Deep Space Nine but I never got into the others—Voyager or Enterprise. Something I plan to rectify with my new Netflix ready device. (Sorry, honey.) I wonder how long is going to take me to get through ALL those shows?

I’ve been spending a few evenings here and there watching the episodes. I start with the end of Season 1 and have been working my way through Season 2. Some of them I remember bits and pieces of and some I have no recollection of at all. So I’m excited to re-visit the series again. And yes, I do plan to watch the entire series. 😀 I missed the last three seasons after all!

So tell me – what is a show you’d watch over and over again on Netflix or any other device? Have a favorite?

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  1. Hey Michelle,
    I don’t think I have a TV Show I’d watch over and over. Maybe I Love Lucy, but I have a movie that I watch to cheer me up. It’s called It Can Happen To You with Nicholas Cage. I love that movie. It’s probably my favorite.

  2. I have to admit a certain fondness for The Walking Dead. My son had me watch an episode with him and within a week I had watched every season that is out. I, also, enjoy end of the world fight for survival movies. Armegeddon (sp?), 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, etc. I have them on my dvr and threatened great bodily harm to anyone that deletes them. 🙂

  3. Thanks for having me here, Maureen!

  4. Hi Michelle!
    Fun post! Standing up, “Hello My name is Kathleen, and I am a nerd” Sitting down basking with you.

    What show do I watch over and over. Hhhmmm…
    Big Bang is funny even the third or fourth time. I’m a Teen Wolf addict. (Oh and the PBS version of Sherlock Holmes. I’ve watched the Irene Adler episode four or five times.) Okay, and I confess I’ve seen Star Wars probably twenty times. I went to the theater to see it opening day and was hooked.

    I know, I know, that solidifies my nerdiness.

    OK, so exactly how nerdy are you? did you ever play Dungeons and Dragons???

  5. Hi, Michelle: Two shoes I continue to watch are Scrubs and M*A*S*H*. I love the stories, the humor, and the poignant truths. Still am a Star Wars fan over trekkie even though I watched the one with Patrick Stewart.